One-Act Plays

Wilder's One-Acts

"Read these plays to celebrate that purity of intention that Wilder brought to the American theatre."
-John Guare, 1997

"Because so many of the plays we see nowadays are really suited to the small screen, it is easy to forget that a stage, no matter its size, can contain the cosmos. No one understood this better than Thornton Wilder, whose plays show us how to see the infinite in the utterly mundane."
-Howard Kissel, New York Daily News

The Long Christmas Dinner

Pullman Car Hiawatha

The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden

The Queens of France

Love and How To Cure It

Such Things Only Happen in Books

The Ages of Man




Rivers Under the Earth

The Seven Deadly Sins


The Wreck on the 5:25

A Ringing of Doorbells

In Shakespeare and the Bible

Cement Hands

Someone from Assisi

The Drunken Sisters

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